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Hydration Facial

$65 (30 min) $85 (60 min)

Water is life. The quickest and most profound way to see evidence of this is to adjust water exposure to the body. You will enjoy a noticeable improvement in your skin's health and hydration with our signature steam treatment. This treatment not only prepares your skin to absorb nutrients, our optional add-on essential oil and lymph drain will is the ultimate therapeutic treatment

$330.00 (90 min) 

Vitamin C Serum Infusion Treatment and Light therapy 


Model Applying Cream

Collagen Induction Therapy

Using tiny needles, microscopic, pin point channels are made in the skin (face typically, but any area can be treated). These micro-injuries don't cause any significant trauma, but signal to the brain that there has been an injury. This process initiates mass amounts of collagen, growth factors and skin rejuvenating nutrients to all these sites. This encourages the turn over of new skin, with the new layers hyper-rich with anti-aging, hydration and healing properties that help to correct fine lines and wrinkles, repair acne and stretch mark scars, hyper and hypo skin pigmentation (including age spots) and correct/prevent other skin conditions. Post- treatment expect a couple of days of redness that look and feel like a bad sun burn.  Make up can be typically applied after 24-36 hours. Number of treatments required for desirable results vary on the goals of the treatment e.g. prevention vs treatment of existing skin ailment(s). Custom pricing is available for multiple sessions after consultation with the nurse/ doctor. Procedures are performed by medical professionals (not aestheticians) in a clinical setting with medical grade anesthesia and clinical sterilization techniques (vs a salon). Single  $475 treatments includes consultation, the microneedling treatment of face, and one virtual optional follow up appointment. Add-ons can be purchased in addition (e.g. hyrdo-facial, treatment of neck, stomach/ arms for stretch marks or serum packages). If wanting an add on be sure to let the clinic know so that enough time can be booked for extra services.

Beauty Treatment

Youth Relaxation Facial and Guided Meditation

Children today are facing many pressures including challenges related to self-confidence, body-image, peer pressure, and uncertainty of the future. To help your child navigate through these challenges, this treatment offers a 90 minute relaxation facial combined with guided meditation, where the Nurse will help your child develop positive coping skills during a relaxing facial with gentle exfoliation combined with moisturizing essential oils. This treatment is ideal combined with, or used as an alternative to traditional counselling services and is best suited to youth ages 7-17. Our treatment provider is a registered nurse with extensive experience in youth psychiatric care and although parents/guardians are welcome to accompany their child during the appointment, it is asked that they not participate in order to foster a meditative, relaxing experience in an environment that fosters self reflection and positivity for your child. 

Price is $150 for regular sessions. Custom package pricing is available with consultation.


Microneedling (Cosmetic AND Medical/Surg depth available)

•Micro-channels / micro-injury

•Encourages growth factors

•Replenishes collagen

•Reduces scars, age spots and fine lines / wrinkles

•Improves skin hydration

•$475 (cosmetic) or $750  (surgical) for one treatment performed by a skilled Registered Nurse 

**please note for treatment of scars or other skin conditions, patients will require several treatments- talk to your medical professional for custom package pricing. Payment plans may be available for medically indicated treatments. 

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